On this WPN Call #137, Dr. Jim Garlow celebrates his 75th birthday with a special four-part interview in which he takes you behind the scenes to meet the 18 people who are part of Well Versed. In this third part, Dr. Garlow introduces you to board member Grant Aldridge, communications and outreach director Giulia Giampa, ministry overseer Phillip Jauregui, and Future Conference co-hosts Chris Shields and Tiffany Espensen Bates.



Dr. Jim Garlow has partnered with Pastor Mario Bramnick and Adam Schindler to bring you World Prayer Network (WPN), which seeks out Holy Spirit given strategies for how to be an effective and contagious Christ-follower in our present national situations. WPN hosts weekly prayer calls to seek out strategies for the transformation of nations, including our own. During these live calls, we share briefings from key leaders and then pray into what we see and hear from the Lord.



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